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Sports Innovation Day 2017_Foto: Kenneth Kjær/Idan

Foto: Kenneth Kjær/ Idan

På Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017 var der et væld af aktivitet. På denne side kan du finde de fleste oplæg fra de tre hovedtalere, præsentationer og pitches.


International sports clustering for innovation
René Wijlens, General Manager at Sports & Technology and Executive Director at EPSI

Putting tech at the heart of an active city
Chris Scott, Head of Corporate Communications at London Sport

Idan Sports Innovation Day - Sport and Technology
Christian Birk, CEO & co-founder at Roster Athletics


10:30-11:30: session 1. the future for sports tech in a changing sporting landscape

Sports technology – buzzwords and opportunities! 
Daniel Minzari, Specialist Engineer at IPU

Presenting the SportsTech World Cup 
Jordi Ferré Albiol, Sports Technologist, N3xt Sports & Miikka Neuvonen, Head of Production at Smash

New technology – shaping the future of sports trends
Tjerja Geerts, Partner at Business Innovation by Design and Co-Founder at Sport eXperience

SHFT – Artificial Intelligence and the future of running
Tony Motzfeldt, CEO at SHFT

11:45-12:15: session 2. digital collaboration in sport – coming to a place near you

Using data to develop club based Danish sport
Ole B. Poulsen, Director of IT and Economy & Lars Houbak, Head of Department, DGI – a new tool for innovation in sports planning
Søren Bang, Editor, Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idan)

14:30-15:00: session 3. fostering innovative mindsets and cultures in sport

Think Wrong! How to develop an innovative and enterprising mindset and culture in sport?
Svend Elkjær, Director at Sports Marketing Network (UK) and Idræt på Tværs (DK)

Fostering innovative minds for the sports industry
Lars Elbæk, Associate Professor at Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark

15:10-15:55: session 4. innovation in elite sport – getting the edge

Innovation in Team Danmark – looking for the small margins
Per Boldt Jørgensen, Head of Department at Team Danmark & Andreas Top Adler, Performance Analyst at Team Danmark

Presenting the National Elite Sports Centre of Denmark
Knud Skadborg, Head of Department at Team Danmark 

16:00-16:30: session 5. developing innovative sports facilities

How solving challenges in society can lead to new exciting arenas for sport
Jakob Færch, Consultant at the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities (LOA)

Design and innovation – sports facilities of tomorrow
Johannes Madsen, Head of Sales at Virklund Sport

16:30-17:00: session 6. sport for all – engaging new people in sport

Can urban sports change the world?
Morten Bo Andersen, Director of GAME Denmark, and Kaddi Sawaneh, Playmaker at GAME Zone Søndermarken

Manoeuvring between self-organised sport and sports clubs
Ulrich Gorm Albrechtsen, Project Manager at DGI


DGI Entrepreneurship environment
Hafnia Hallen
Odense Sportscentrum
KH Sport & Mentor
Sport & Social Media


Åbning ved Arno Hermans, grundlægger af Sport eXperience
Kinetic Analysis
Running 20/20

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